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Sound in Montluçon !Mupopin the heart of the medieval city
awaken your senses!

Mupop Music Museum Montluçon

Discover the most important collection of musical instruments and objects in France, thanks to a playful and interactive staging. A headset on your ears, transport yourself in the different musical universes: from jazz to rock, through the bal musette, pop music…

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A living museum

It plays in the streets.
It enters homes, cars, hearts…
It reveals universal emotions in us…
It softens our morals, surprises us, motivates us.
It brings us together, it is shared:
It’s the MUsique POPulaire!


Unpublished and Unavoidable

Visiting MuPop is sharing a full-fledged experience with 150 listening points that will make you relive all the POP music from the 18th century to the 90s! This museum is unique in every way and lets everyone’s imagination run wild thanks to an original scenography (dance hall, luthier’s workshop, punk room…). Of national scale, the MuPop shelters 3 500 instruments and musical objects, that is to say the biggest collection of France. A museum, of course, but above all a space that swings and makes you want to move to the beat. A magical setting dedicated to all music… that makes you vibrate!


An experience to share

for tenfold sensations

Dive into a unique universe where music is king, interactivity is permanent, and fun is never ending!

Exceptional collections


Wheel hurdy-gurdies

The history of the Montluçon museum begins with this unique collection of hurdy-gurdies. MuPop exhibits 34 hurdy-gurdies in the instrumental tour and features a luthier’s workshop that offers the opportunity to understand how this traditional instrument, so dear to the Bourbonnais, works.


MuPop’s collection consists mainly of French instruments, from the Berry, Bourbonnais, Nivernais, Auvergne, and Limousin regions. The purchase in 1993 of Jean-Michel Renard’s important collection of bagpipes was significant for the creation of MuPop. Today, more than 60 instruments are on display.


Whether chromatic or diatonic, the accordion illustrates popular music well. It made France dance during the bals musette and replaced the cabrette at the end of the 19th century. MuPop presents its collection and offers to manipulate the principle of the free reed.


To visit MuPop is to be carried away by popular music. The rhythm in your skin and the song in your head. The memory box opens up as you experience. Percussion has its own place in the permanent exhibition.

Guitars & amps

Electric guitars mark an important turning point in the history of popular music and give birth to contemporary electro-amplified music. The MuPop collection is unique in France. MuPop exhibits 49 guitars along the instrumental path and 27 in the musical path.


Exhibition-Event from July 9 to December 31, 2022

Exhibition curator: Julien BITOUN

Exhibition sponsor: Yarol POUPAUD

In 2022, the Les Paul guitar celebrates its 70th anniversary, and MUPOP pays homage to it in its temporary exhibition. This legendary guitar may have been invented for a jazz star in 1952, but it has become inseparable from the History of Rock, from Bill Haley to ZZ Top via Bowie, the Sex Pistols, Bob Marley, John Lennon or Peter Frampton.


To learn more, download the complete expo press-book.

They talk about it

better than us!

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Friendly and original

It’s always a joy to come to The Mupop. We enjoy the temporary exhibitions. The summer theme brings sunshine to everyday life!

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For music freaks

Museum in the magnificent historical center of Montluçon, a place not to be missed if you are passing through the region.Indeed it was a very nice discovery. The visit with audio-guide is very pleasant, we can see in this museum on 3 floors all the musical styles, we discover all kinds of instruments. The audio-guide allows you to discover or remember a lot of music and songs. The current temporary exhibition which ends on 05/01/2020 has for theme “the hits of the summer”, it is an invitation to dance, to sing. In short, it’s a pleasure to visit the MUPOP. I advise you to plan 3 hours of visit to fully enjoy it. Good visit to all the connected and why not to the unplugged too.

sabine é
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Super museum

On a group outing, this museum was a great surprise. The handling of the headphones is easy, and everything is very diverse. Contemporary music and older music mixed together. 2h30 that I didn’t see pass.



MuPop Music Museum
3 rue Notre-Dame – 03100 MONTLUÇON
04 70 02 19 62 – contact@mupop.frwww.mupop.en

High season – May 1 to August 31
Open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Low season – February 1 to April 30 and September 1 to August 31
Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Closed after the Christmas school vacations through January 31
Closed January 1, May 1 and December 25.

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