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Petite Cité de Caractère®Hérisson, spicy medieval city!

Hérisson Petite cité de Caractère®

First the remains of the Castle of the Dukes of Bourbon on its rocky spur, then the loop of the Aumance River that outlines the medieval fortified enclosure…

You’re in Hérisson!”

To visit Hérisson, Petite Cité de Caractère®, is to go from discovery to discovery in a maze of alleyways and alleys.

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Herisson with multiple faces

The quietness of the banks of the Aumance river, the precious Saint-Pierre de Chateloy Church, the Porte de l’Enfer and the Porte de Gateuil are all witnesses to the astonishing cultural richness of the village. Dynamic, since the nineteenth century, the city has kept its soul of artist and offers its visitors theater festivals, music, artists’ residency or many exhibitions.

Another attractive and remarkable city

Ainay le Château


Medieval village in the north of the territory

The attractive medieval city of Ainay le Château owes its glorious past to its strategic geographical location, at the junction of Berry and the Pays de Tronçais in Bourbonnais. From dried moats to restored ramparts, from the Porte de l’Horloge to the Maison des Gardes, passing by the Eglise Saint-Etienne or the Chapelle Saint-Roch; the castelainaisienne stroll conceals a number of patrimonial nuggets…

While its fortified castle has now disappeared, Ainay remains a remarkable village.

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Pick up your curiosity by following Bianka for 4 km in Hérisson

Roll and discover with Koa in Meaulne-Vitray for 3 km

Find the castle in Ainay le Château with Scoti for 3 km

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The castle of Hérisson is in permanent free access.

Guided tours of Hérisson, for groups, all year round by appointment and guided tours for individuals, every summer, on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m.

Information and reservation at the Tourist Office.