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Majestic Forêt de Tronçais !
Prestigious oak forest with the Forêt d'Exception® label

Majestic Forêt de Tronçais

Tronçais oak is known worldwide for its quality. It is used in particular for the manufacture of barrels where the greatest wines of the French vineyards are aged.

Remarkable Oaks

The Forest of Tronçais is exceptional and home to remarkable oaks: a concentration of the most beautiful specimens of oak trees in Europe.

Outstanding measurements, singular history or strange shape: the remarkable oaks of Tronçais are venerable monuments of nature. Go and discover the Square oak, the Stebbing, the Pillar, etc.

Futaie Colbert II

Located in Saint-Bonnet Tronçais, the Futaie Colbert II is home to 2-century-old oaks, which are among the most beautiful in the Forêt de Tronçais.

It is in this exceptional setting that several playful and educational facilities await you. Starting from the Rond de Richebourg, a walk of about 1 hour (1 km) allows you to understand in turn the terroir, the forestry, the quality of Tronçais woods and the manufacture of barrels or how to create the exceptional alchemy between Tronçais woods and the greatest spirits.

Did you know that?

Label Forêt d’Exception®

Only about 20 of France’s 1,300 state-owned forests are labeled Forêt d’Exception®. Tronçais, a prestigious oak grove obtained this label in May 2018. Tronçais is a living testimony to French forestry excellence and is known worldwide for the quality of its wood, which is used to make the barrels that will sublimate the greatest wines and spirits. The label highlights the excellence of forest management. It also distinguishes the preserved environmental heritage, the richness and diversity of the cultural heritage, the reception of the public and the animation of this unique space.

On the 10,500 ha of the Forest of Tronçais, the reception of tourists and walkers is organized around 5 major poles: the Futaie Colbert II, the Rond de Thiolais, the pond of Saint-Bonnet-Tronçais, the pond of Pirot and the Rond de la Cave.

Fountains and legends

Forty or so fountains dot the forest. Their simple presence or their strange names have always generated legends, beliefs or cults. They contribute to the mysterious atmosphere of Tronçais.

One cures leprosy and skin diseases, the other announces a fruitful agricultural year. The Font Brigadier makes people fall in love and the Font Viljot predicts marriages… Whatever their mysterious powers, they grace many hikes in the Forest of Tronçais.

the bellowing of the deer

Mysterious and impressive, an enigmatic rattle resounds in the forest between September and October: the stag’s bellow. It is the mating season for this unmissable species of the Tronçais forest massif. To witness this unusual scene in the best conditions, an observatory, accessible from the Rond de Vitray, is set up. There are educational panels that allow a better understanding of the life of the deer.

A unique show that requires the utmost discretion, it is for the preservation of the species. It is therefore recommended to follow with the utmost rigor the instructions of the ONF.