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1001 ways tohike

Hike differently

Whether it is by the originality of the site itself or the method chosen, the Cœur de France Valley offers you to hike, yes… but differently!

Mushing and Tronçais Adventures

Three original ways to discover the Forêt de Tronçais

Unique in the region, the Fat-Trott is an alternative to cycling and walking. This all-terrain electric scooter guarantees new sensations, without effort and in silence! Discover the paths of the forest during an accompanied ride of 1h30 to 2h30. From 10 years old, depending on the size of the child.

If you prefer the company of animals, opt for the canirando! Harness yourself to the dog and let him guide you in this sporty walk of about 1 hour. You will be accompanied by Sylvain Cordeau, a state-qualified musher and a true enthusiast of his canines.

Less athletic but a lover of thrills, climb aboard the go-kart pulled by the pack of 10 to 12 dogs, in complete confidence. A unique experience, as close to nature as possible!

All year round on reservation at 06 70 19 22 53

Tronçais or the hike accessible to all!

The pond of St-Bonnet-Tronçais is accessible to all thanks to the PMR (people with reduced mobility) of the Grillon. Between wood and water, a walk of about 1 km fitted out with duckboards, picnic tables and spaces adapted for fishing.

sound in body and mind


Sébastien Becker and his team coach and supervise outdoor sports activities: trail, Nordic walking… Photo rallies adapted to the youngest are also offered.

A Spa and a fitness area also complete this offer, in St-Bonnet-Tronçais, right in the heart of the Tronçais forest.

12, rue Saint-Hubert
Tel: 09 81 30 85 05 – www.endorphin03.com

Need a guide?

Christine Deffner deciphers for you the landscapes, the heritage, the fauna and flora or the geology. She also offers a fun orientation course of 6-7 km, accompaniment during the bellowing of the stag or Nordic walking outings.

Information and reservation at 04 70 06 81 08 or 07 87 40 71 42

Hiking and Heritage

In the gorges du Cher

From the village of Ste-Thérence, go for a more sportive hike, to discover the castle of the Bear. At the confluence of the Ours stream and the Cher, it reveals its 12th century ruins on a rocky bar covered with boxwood moors, a characteristic and identifying environment of the Combraille. The point of view on the gorges du Cher is remarkable. You can continue the walk down to the river and enjoy the freshness and calm that reigns there.

change of scenery guaranteed!

The blue lagoon

Located in Louroux-Hodement (Haut-Bocage), this former granite quarry is one of the most exotic nuggets in the area. Discover this little corner of paradise where 50 shades of blue are revealed according to the luminosity, the sunshine or the point of view.

A small path (about 1 km) makes it possible to go around this natural body of water and to take height on this site which forces to the respect.

Caution the bathe is forbidden because extremely dangerous.


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