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To the meeting ofOur chefs

Our chefs

They are the guarantors of the spirit of our terroir and pass on their know-how to their teams.
They are the guardians of the temple, and enhance the nobility of local products through their creativity and ingenuity.
Penetrate our restaurants to soak up this sparkling atmosphere!

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Charismatic characters

Most often in the shadow of prying eyes, they immerse themselves in their kitchens to revisit traditional dishes or make recipes that only they have the secret of.

From Oliver Valade to Arnaud Paulus, through Jean-Pierre Bujard or Gregory Gimenos, they perpetuate a constantly renewed know-how and rack their brains to titillate your taste buds and provide you with incomparable emotions.

Recipes that hit the spot

Duchambais-style duck, potato pie, pompe aux grattons, Piquenchâgne, all these recipes hold no secrets for them.

They concoct dishes that cross borders and reinforce their reputation as artisans of good taste.

We invite you to discover them from an unusual and offbeat angle.