An unforgettable adventureThe Order of the Golden Shieldto share with family and friends
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Treasure hunt The Order of the Golden Shield

You are part of the Order of the Golden Shield, led by Duke Louis II of Bourbon.
Help him find his beloved.
Gather your strength and stay alert, you will face several trials and a multitude of challenges.

The future of the duchy is in your hands…


Dive into the heart of a thrilling adventure!

The future of our region is in your hands!

On a scripted walk of about 1h30, young and old alike find themselves at the heart of the plot. Come live a new experience by taking on challenges based on exchange, sharing and discovery.

2 courses for tenfold pleasure

An episode in an urban environment to discover the rich historical heritage of the Medieval City of Montluçon: Allen! Knights of Montluçon.
One episode in the heart of the enchanting and mysterious landscapes of the Forest of Tronçais: Ondines et Sortilèges de Tronçais.

A tormented history

Our Good Duke Louis II of Bourbon and his loving wife Anne of Auvergne reign over their
numerous Bourbonnais lands including Montluçon and the mysterious Forest of Tronçais.
This tranquility is brutally shattered when Louis II is taken hostage and delivered to the English court.

Fight the bloodthirsty John Hawkwood!

Then the White Company led by the bloodthirsty John Hawkood, sow terror and chaos to the great displeasure of the Duchess and the people…
Will the sacrifice of Anne of Auvergne under the spells of the old witch of the Forest of Tronçais be in vain?
Will the Duchy be saved?
Will Louis and Anne be reunited one day?

You have been appointed among the knights of the prestigious Order of the Golden Shield.
Go on an adventure, take up the challenges and traps that this saga will make you live on Montluçon (in medieval city) and in the Forest of Tronçais (Futaie Colbert II- Rond de Richebourg)

In the family

New experiences!


Courses to complete that allow you to play while detecting the richness of the built and natural heritage of our territory. Each course has its own universe and character!

Pépit’s Allier

The educational farm of Domaine de la Ganne in Prémilhat

On about 50 hectares, the farm hosts a herd of Highland cattle, originally from Scotland, but also ornamental poultry, Vietnamese pigs, watusis or other kangaroos and Bennett Wallaby. Multiple activities are offered upon reservation: children’s birthdays, paid guided tour for individuals (2 h approximately), day or half-day at the farm for schools, recreation centers …, direct sales etc.

This complex is equipped with pits from 6 to 20 m deep offering a unique opportunity to introduce you to diving.

Practical information:

Route d’Issac – 03410 Prémilhat – 06 76 92 25 02 – GPS: Lat- 46.299 Long- 2.5586

Domaine de la Ganne

Fungames 03 in Prémilhat
One For One Game Center in Quinssaines

Want a relaxing moment to share with family or friends: discover a fun and friendly activity with paintball for unforgettable adventures, near Montluçon.

Fun Games 03 – Prémilhat

One For One Game Center – Montluçon

Centre Aqualudique de La Loue

This complex is equipped with pits from 6 to 20 m deep offering a unique opportunity to introduce you to diving.

The Aquatic Area, a real leisure area dedicated to swimming and water games, consists of a 50-meter sports pool and eight water lines as well as a 25-meter outdoor pool, ideal for swimming.

To relax and have fun, a play pool with massaging hydrojets, bubbling bench, water cannons, counter-current river, air bubble plates, mushroom, a pentagliss as well as a paddling pool and a 60-meter slide will delight young and old.

The aquatic area’s setting consists of numerous wooded and grassy areas.

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